From the launch phase through to a natural cessation, we offer a wide range of protections for satellite manufacturers and operators.


From launch vehicle flight stage of a satellite, through to in-orbit tests and other orbital operations, we offer capacity to fit the needs of our clients who will have wide ranging space related ventures. As well as offering physical asset protection, we also provide coverage for many of the contingent financial risks arising from a satellite launch.


We issue policies for the regular in-orbit operations of satellites, measuring failure, damage or other faults against the original spacecraft specification. Our focus is mainly on geostationary telecommunication spacecraft, although we will also look at providing cover for military, observatory and weather satellites.


To provide spread to our direct portfolio of launch and in-orbit risks, we also deploy some of our capacity on a reinsurance/consortium basis. This makes up nearly half our account and gives us access to some of the smaller or more bespoke risks in the space market.

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Justin Brewster

Justin Brewster

Senior Claims Adjuster

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