Cargo & Specie

Our Cargo business targets specialised and niche risks, with low theft susceptibility and limited natural catastrophe exposure, while specie focuses on higher risk exposures with industry proven standards of loss prevention.

Coverage includes:


Our worldwide account has four main areas: 

  • Oil - Our clients include specialist commodity traders, multinational banks and international energy corporations.
  • General cargo - We seek long-term business relationships with wholesale and retail clients that can demonstrate a successful history of risk management and loss mitigation. This includes the Middle East, Japan and China, which are increasing sources of business.
  • Project cargo - This account protects cargo in transit for use in infrastructure projects. It includes consequential loss protection for start-up delays caused by material damage to cargo in transit. In writing this account, we make extensive use of loss prevention measures.
  • Carnets - These protect against legal liability from foreign customs and claims arising from on remittance of export duties and taxes associated with the failure to export items permitted under temporary import.


Our account has six main areas: 

  • General specie - This account consists mainly of vault risks, precious metals and securities.
  • Fine art and exhibitions - We cover private collections, museums and galleries on both a primary and an excess of loss basis. We moderate loss accumulation through catastrophe modelling and aggregation of exposures.
  • Jewellers block - We underwrite a select account, focused mainly on wholesalers and high end retailers, as this is a very competitive area within Lloyd’s.
  • Armoured car - Our primary exposures relate to countries with few attritional losses. The excess portfolio is more widespread geographically.
  • Precious metals - We insure the metal after mining, while in transit, at refineries and as a finished product.
  • Customer Protection Policies (X/S SIPC) - We protect customer monies, stocks and other securities from theft in event of a holding financial institution failing.

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