Chaucer's Nuclear Syndicate 1176 is the world’s leading insurer of nuclear risk.

Nuclear risk predominantly includes cover for physical damage loss to civil nuclear power stations. In addition nuclear liability policies are issued with strict policy terms and restrictions that have withstood the test of time. 

We also provide coverage within the nuclear fuel cycle, being involved in insurance from raw uranium and nuclear fuel to the shipment and storage of waste. The syndicate’s main exposures derive from the power that nuclear energy produces in a nuclear power station because this is the area where most of the value from nuclear energy emanates.

Syndicate 1176 operates in a unique market niche and has been profitable since its inception in 1991. Under the direction of Active Underwriter, Michael Dawson, our underwriting team brings outstanding technical knowledge and experience to all aspects of nuclear risk.



Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson

Active Underwriter - Syndicate 1176

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