US Casualty

We are an outstanding lead market for North American Casualty Reinsurance at Lloyd’s.
Our business lines include:

Workers’ Compensation

This portfolio balances per risk and catastrophic exposures. Our per risk account primarily comprises small to medium sized specialist insurance companies. Typically these are mono-state or regional carriers that target a specific class of business. We also reinsure large multistate writers on a catastrophic/clash basis.

Medical Malpractice

We support mono-line specialists, typically single state or those engaged in particular specialist medical areas. Many of these carriers are risk retention groups, captives and small to medium sized insurance companies.

General Liability

This line has developed with the returning growth of the auto and construction markets. We support a select number of best-in-class operations, which have deep industry experience and a clear strategy to navigate these challenging sectors. We also offer clash protection to larger multi-state carriers to reduce volatility across their portfolio.

Professional Liability

Our account targets small, mono-state lawyers mutuals, often referred to as NABRICOs (National Association of Bar Related Insurance Companies). We also support other professional lines business, including accountants, architects and engineers and other E&O writings.

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