Our underwriting approach

Our underwriters are renowned throughout our markets for their rigour and expertise, and their empowerment to take decisions based on our own view of risk.

Brokers who work with Chaucer tell us that it is our willingness to carefully consider every angle, to share our knowledge and to work closely with them and their clients, which makes Chaucer an ideal lead for their business.

A smart approach to risk

We have a disciplined risk appetite in each of our chosen classes and work closely with brokers and clients to ensure that each risk we underwrite fits with their and our requirements.

We never make assumptions. Instead, we invest sufficient time with each client to understand the uniqueness of the industry, environment and operations involved, even when we know the sector in detail.

We have our own extensive modelling capabilities, which enable us to present a different position to our clients. We write each risk on its own merits, balancing rigorous technical assessment with underwriter insight and judgement.

Distinctive leadership

We see leadership as the critical element in delivering this high quality underwriting decision-making culture. Each of our classes is lead by a highly respected senior underwriter, providing brokers and policyholders with an authoritative view at all times.

This leadership also gives our clients a crucial voice in negotiating policy rates, terms and conditions and strong support in any subsequent handling of claims.

Readily accessible around the world

We are where our brokers and clients can benefit most from our underwriting expertise and dedicated service. 

We write business at our London headquarters, at the Box in Lloyd’s and through underwriters in Copenhagen, Dublin, Dubai, Miami, and Singapore.

Our claims teams work in harmony with our underwriters, sharing knowledge and experience to ensure that Chaucer clients experience outstanding service at every stage.

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